Elementary, middle and high school, college, university and research facilities are all within the scope of CampbellRhea casework. Their casework is nationally recognized for quality with a broad range of styles, finishes and options. You will discover construction features in their casework, considered upgrades by other manufacturers. Dovetailing on all four corners of drawers, full top frame case construction, epoxy powder coated drawer slides, and independent 3rd party testing to the rigorous standards of SEFA-8, for both resistance and performance.

Review CampbellRhea’s quality story from the inside out, from construction methods standard in all CampbellRhea cabinetry, to the finishing processes that deliver one of the finest casework finishes in the industry. It is all focused on offering casework that can stand the test of time in learning environments – from the research laboratory, to classrooms for sciences, home economics, music, or computer science.

Executive Office: 670 Lofstrand Lane • Rockville, MD 20850 Tel: (301) 340-0770 • Fax: (301) 424-1251