Steel Products, Inc. is the exclusive local dealer in Maryland, DC and Northern Virginia for Stevens Industries, Campbellrhea and Tesco.   If you are looking for expertly crafted wood or plastic laminate casework or library shelving, you have come to the right place.   We specialize in providing casework for science rooms, music rooms, classrooms, lab equipment, cabinetry, fume hoods, work surfaces, fixtures and storage cabinets to name a few.   In order to meet the ever-changing demand of the modern laboratory environment, we provide the most up-to-date products available, keeping safety, appearance, durability, low-maintenance and longevity at the forefront of our priorities.  
The work centers we provide are designed to accommodate both lab and lecture environments.   Not only that, but we also provide ADA compliant lipped sinks, among other products that meet ADA requirements.   Choose one of our manufacturers below for more information.

Contact Brett Six at 301-340-0770 ext. 112 or email for more information

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