Steel Products, Inc. has experience in providing factory represented sales and installation in the greater Washington, DC metropolitan area. We offer a proactive approach to keep projects on track and a project team to execute each task more efficiently. We staff an in-house estimating department for the pre-bid and bidding stage and an engineering department to assist with computer generated drawings and project coordination to keep jobs running smoothly. Our sales team covers Maryland, Virginia, Delaware and Washington, DC in the bid market for new construction and renovations and referrals for private work. We work intensely with owners, architects and contractors to provide our expertise in estimating, value engineering and assist in timely procurement and installation.

Utilizing our firm’s total capabilities, our personnel excel in “pre-problem” recognition and solutions resulting in a significant increase in efficiency in the management of projects and offering services of unmatched value by contributing to the success of each project. Timely delivery of a quality product is brought full circle with our full time staff of experienced installers working professionally to complete the construction process. We service a wide range of clients from the public, private and government sectors, offering the best products in the industry.

Our goal is to complete every job with the highest quality standards and make it a job that you will remember. Our commitment and dedication to exceed your expectations is what makes Steel Products, Inc. an award winning company that stands out.

Executive Office: 4724 Arcadia Dr. Ste. 150 • Frederick, MD 21703 Tel: (301) 340-0770 • Fax: (301) 424-1251