toilet partitions & Accessories

Steel Products, Inc. is pleased to offer you a complete range of partitions, showers, urinal screens and dressing rooms to suit your needs from swimming pool facility's to commercial buildings to schools.   With outstanding records in meeting standard and ADA requirements, as we work with architects, contractors and end users, our manufacturers will provide you with maximum efficiency and durability with the best products available.   Toilet partitions are available in different styles such as, overhead braced, ceiling hung, floor mounted and floor to ceiling mounted.

Baked Enamel Toilet Partitions
Constructed of sheet metal, cleaned, primed and finished with high-grade synthetic enamel and oven baked to provide a mar-resistant finish.   Our manufacturers seamless design features unitized construction, which provides superior panel integrity against water penetration to stop panels from rusting from the inside.

Plastic Laminate Toilet Partitions
Plastic laminate partition units are made of fine quality plastic surface material that is applied with adhesive.   Wide ranges of designer colors are available to coordinate with modern or traditional interiors.   Our manufacturers offer the finest quality lamination and many interior situations where color is important.

Solid Phenolic Toilet Partitions
Solid Phenolic toilet compartments, shower/dressing compartments, urinal screens, entrance screens and vanity tops are engineered for years of trouble free service.   Our manufacturers use unbreakable, water resistant, graffiti resistant, non-corrosive materials in order to provide the best products available.

Solid Plastic Toilet Partitions
Solid plastic toilet partition doors, panels and pilasters are constructed from solid plastic High Density Polyethylene (HDPE).   All are 1"thick with homogeneous color and material compound throughout.   Our manufacturers provide chemical resistant, toughness against impact and water vapor impermeability with all of their products.  

In addition, we offer a variety of Toilet Accessories that compliment the Toilet Partitions; offering a selection of products such as napkin vendor/disposals, grab bars, mirrors, toilet tissue dispensers, hand dryers, shower seats and more.

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