steel lockers by republic

Republic lockers have proven to install more easily and trouble-free than any other system on the market.   Driven by the need for security, safety, appearance and durability, Republic has been refining their design for nearly a century. Today, Republic lockers are available in a variety of configurations to suit corridor, athletic room and special applications.   

All Republic locker bodies are fabricated from premium quality cold-rolled steel. They feature reliable latching systems and a premium finish.   Tops, bottoms and shelves are stiffened by flanges on all four sides. Back and upright vertical rear corners feature a double-lapped design for extra strength.  

Choose from 25 standard colors and hundreds of size and style combinations to suit your needs precisely.   Let us help you with your locker requirements.   Call Steel Products, Inc. at 301-340-0770 ext.102 for assistance with your Corridor Locker or Athletic Locker questions.  

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